The cooperative

La Brouette was created in 2016 by 9 friends who wanted to know exactly what they were putting on their plate, but also wished to drastically limit their ecological footprint. Thus, La Brouette was born: a place where you can buy local products from organic farming, if possible sold in bulk.

The Cooperative does not pursue profit, but relies on the common enthusiasm of its cooperators to favor direct links with producers and the local economy, to protect nature and the health of the inhabitants of the region of Lausanne.

The first project of the cooperative is the sustainable grocery with the same name, La Brouette.

How is it organized?

The Cooperative is managed by a steering committee that oversees the general operation of its projects.

Each member of the committee is responsible for a specific aspect of the overall management: Communication, Human Resources, Finance, Administrative Organization, etc.

All co-operators are invited to participate in one of the various working committees, to work at the grocery store or to pick up supplies.


The cooperators play a key role in the working of the Cooperative and its different projects. Without them, the grocery store, for example, simply could not function, neither logistically, nor financially.

The purchase of a social part, and the voluntary work of the cooperators allow to practice low prices so that everyone, whatever his income, can eat healthy, aware of the production chain and the origin of its food.

In exchange for the volunteer work provided, the cooperator enjoys benefits, such as a 20% discount when shopping at the grocery store.

Le Grenier

Le Grenier (« The Attic ») is the new project of the Cooperative La Brouette. The goal is to supply school restaurants, nurseries, EMS, with seasonal products from the region (less than 70km), of which at least 30% are guaranteed to be organic products. In addition, it proposes baskets made of fresh products to interested companies for their employees.

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